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Our family has been in the Car Wash business for over 40 years. It started with Leandro Barela opening EZ Way Carwash in 1969. EZ Way was the First coin operated ‘Self Serve’ car wash in Albuquerque operated on the Westside by Leandro and Estella for over 35 years. They had two children that grew up learning the business. Their son Frank Barela Sr helped run the family business with and after his parents could not. With all this knowledge, Frank Sr opened the First ‘Express Carwash’ in New Mexico. With so many ‘Self Serve’ and ‘Full Serve’ car washes in Albuquerque, Frank Sr realized that the Westside had a market that no one was catering to. Albuquerque and the Westside needed a fresh new way to clean cars and Frank Sr responded. (more…)

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